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About Techypid.com

Techie PiD provides you new style easy coding solutions with IT and CS related information, a new idea and technical solution, this tutorial is free to spread and develop knowledge around the world. It is explained in such a simple way that anyone can understand easily.
Additionally, you are also provided with solutions to common runtime coding errors that occur in Android Studio.
This tutorial will be useful for CS student and IT use who want to learn to code and is also free to public.
Easy solution, easy learning, Here, you will learn Android Studio course code and support an easy error resolution. If you do not understand, then every tutorial’s video is also available on YouTube.

I keep trying to make coding easy for you by finding all easy and simple solutions for android studio and related topics. An easy and simple method for beginners to understand easily, so this tutorial will become more useful for beginners.
Here you will get new knowledge of style in easy way about application development and other useful information. And each tutorial is accompanied by a live demo so that if you don’t understand the code you can watch and subscribe to the ‘course code‘ channel on YouTube.
Guys, I will always try to provide you the simplest possible application development material. Which you will learn easily and solve code errors and bug fixes easily.

What will you learn in this tutorial?
You through this tutorial
android UI design,
Android run time and other error solutions and
Android with Database Tutorial.
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When was Techie PID introduced?
On Jun/01/2021 this travel tutorial started with simple application development using Android Studio IDE.

This journey has only recently begun, so more tutorials and error and bug resolution tutorials may take time.
This will also include project tutorials, but it may take time to get started.
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