how to solve Design view missing android studio

Design view showing a black screen in android studio.

  • When installing a new android studio or existing android studio sometimes showing such as a black screen. In this case, the preview or design screen only appears as a black or black screen.
  • In short, the XML Live Preview does not appear.

How to solve this type of issue in android?

Here, are some tips for help issues like your important ones.

Let us discuss some methods to help you solve the problem step by step.

Method 1:

Clean project

  • Make sure you have updated android studio or downloaded a new android studio.
  • First of all clean project.
  • Build ⇾ clean project

As the image below shows.

How to Clean project android studio
Clean project

Method 2:

Rebuild project

Still showing the same black screen try this method.

Build ⇾ Rebuild project

As the image below shows.

How to rebuild android project
Rebuild project

Method 3:

Sync project with gradle files.

  • This method works most of the new android problems, especially those who downloaded the new android studio and fetching this problem.
  • Before Sync project with Gradle files, make sure you connect with the internet.
  • File ⇾ sync project with Gradle files.

Shown as an image below

how to sync project with gradle
sync project with Gradle
  • It takes some time because Android Studio downloads some required files through the internet.
  • After the build is finished, Gradle displays an XML layout view.
  • Most of this method gets the work.
  • If the same problem still occurs, then let’s discuss another method.

Method 4:

Invalidate caches/restart..

  • Generally android studio most of the errors or issues are solved by this method.
  • Invalidate caches/ restart your android studio.
  • File ⇾ invalidate caches/restart…
how to Invalidate caches and restart
Invalidate caches and restart

A new popup small window will appear.

Afterward, click “Invalidate and Restart“.

Click on invalidate and restart
Invalidate and restart
  • Your android studio clear caches and restarted.
  • Wait a minute or more time compared to the above method.
  • After Gradle building same issue was found, then try the below method.

Method 5:

uncheck “use new Layout Rendering engine”

Got to file -> settings -> experimental

Below image shown

uncheck "use new Layout Rendering engine"
  • After finding, uncheck “use new Layout Rendering engine” and click on “ok”.
  • To apply these changes, you needed to restart android studio. So that android studio IDE or Plugin update.
  • Click on “restart
  • Above all method does not work, then this method absolutely works.
  • Lastly, this method worked.
fixed android design view not showing

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