Forgot Gmail password How to recover Gmail account in mobile

Hello friends, today I have written a new post for you, You not only know but know very well how useful Gmail is! When we need to log in on a device and we can’t remember the password, we can’t log in to a Google Account. How many people create new email IDs because they only create a Google Account to use Google service! But when you have registered the same email id in bank, government work, then you will need the same email. But unfortunately, we forget our Gmail password.

So friends, today we will discuss it in detail.

Forgot your password?

Are you unable to access your Google Account?

Have you lost your device, and you can’t access your Gmail account?

Do you want to reset your Google password?

Don’t have an 8-digit backup code?

Don’t have a security code?

You have to log in to your Gmail account, but you log in after several days, thus forgetting your Gmail password. It is a reality that we create a Gmail account later we do not use it but when we have our data in any google service like google photos, google drive or need to sign in same account in any other device then we need the same Gmail account. When Google asks for a password, we don’t remember the password. Finally we can easily create a new password by clicking on Forgot Password.

Forgot password

There are many reasons for forgetting a password. The first reason is that your Gmail password is strong. Another device login, yes asks for a password if you try to log in on another device. If you have forgotten the password, an 8-digit backup code is asked. It is absolutely true that we can recover Google account without any security code, without any primary device, without 8-digit backup code. That’s right, it’s impossible, but it will work on your phone if you have your 2-Step Authentication turned off.

So friends today we will create a new password in google account without any authentication. Make sure you haven’t turned on two-step verification. If you have two-step verification turned on, this method may not work.

Here, is an easy way to recover your Google Account. You can not only recover your Gmail account but also change your Gmail password. It is very important to understand that Google account is a very strong security and Google cannot compromise your Gmail account. You already know that most people use a Gmail account, so if you’ve forgotten the password, you can’t access your Google Account?

So, friends, let’s try to recover Gmail account without 8-digit backup code and without security code.

We will discuss step by step which will be easily understood by all.

Step 1:

First, open any browser (Google Chrome recommended). You can also use the Gmail app. Here, we will use Chrome browser to recover Gmail password.

So first type “” in the URL bar.

Step 2:

Type your Gmail address whose Gmail account you want to recover and you forgot your password.

And then press “Next“.

Step 3:

First of all, we try to remember the password, if you remember the Google password we will recover Gmail account without 8 digit backup code and security code.

Finally we decide to create a new password if you do not remember the password. Simply press “Forgot Password”. As shown in below screenshot.

Forgot Gmail Password

Step 4:

Here Google is asking for the last password, but I don’t know why Google is asking for the last password. If you remember the previous password, type it in, otherwise click the “Try another method” link.

Recovery google account

Step: 5

Google asked for a phone number. If you do not have an 8-digit backup code or security code, a phone number will be required. But if you haven’t turned on 2-Step Verification, the 8-digit backup code doesn’t even matter. Google will send a 6 digit verification code to your phone number for confirmation.

Simply, type your phone number and press “Send”. As shown in Screenshot.

get a verification code

Step: 6

Now, check your phone’s text messages. Google has sent a 6 digit verification code. Just type a 6-digit verification code as shown in the screenshot.

6-digit verification code

Step 7:


You will now access your account by creating a new password.

Now you create a new password. Do not create a password that you have used before.

Create a unique and strong password. Screenshot as shown below.

Create a new Gmail password

         Make sure you haven’t turned on 2-Step Authentication on mobile. If 2-Step Verification is turned on, maybe this method will not work. or may not work due to geographic location and security reasons. If you have 2-Step Verification turned on, sometimes we are able to log in successfully without any authentication.

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