Recover Gmail account without recovery email and backup codes

In this content, we are going to recover Gmail accounts with password and without password. We are going to try both ways. If you have the same device and forgot the password, then you can try without the password. Here both the methods are given. But here we are going to focus on passwords and phone numbers.

No 8-digit backup code

There is no recovery email and no same device.

  • If you haven’t saved the 8-digit backup code, that’s fine.
  • If you haven’t added recovery Email whiles creating a new email id, then no problem.
  • It doesn’t matter if you lost the device or reset your device.

So today we are going to do Gmail meaning Google account recover without 8-digit backup code, recovery email and without the same device.

How to recover the account?

Here are the different ways to try to recover your Gmail account.

We will try without a password as well.

When will this Gmail recovery method prove useful?

If your device is not with you i.e. lost or you have reset your device without recovering your Google account. So all Gmail data and all Google account data get deleted so when you enter the same Gmail on another device then ask ownership of the Gmail account because Google is top technology company and Gmail service provider by Google. Google never compromise on security so day-by-day bug fix and every app and Gmail keeps on strengthening security day by day. Without authentication, nobody logs into your Gmail account.

And if you turn on 2-Step Verification the additional security layer is added. So when you open a new Gmail account, don’t forget to turn on 2-Step Verification. Save the 8-digit backup code that helps you login to any new device after you’ve turned on 2-Step Verification.

When will this Gmail recovery method work?

This method only works if you have the phone number and remember the Gmail password.

Because if you don’t have 8-digit backup code and recovery email or the same device then you must remember your password and have a phone no.

Why phone number is needed to recover Gmail account?

Here the phone number has been used for the recovery Gmail account because it is from this phone number that you get the verification code. Yes, Google sends you the verification code by text message. With this verification code you will easily pass the first of the two steps. This step is very easy to pass because if the device is lost, you can get the same phone number as a new one. If you reset your device, the phone number will remain the same.

How to recover Gmail account using password?

If you have password then sometimes this method is very helpful because some option without password is hidden in a new device so if you remember Gmail password then your 2-step is complete because one step is password and other is your phone. First of all, we will see whether it works or not by recovering the Gmail account even without password.

After that, we will show using password.

That’s why both phone number and password play a big role in recovering Gmail account.

What to do to recover Gmail account without 8 digit backup code and recovery email id?

It is noted this method will definitely work if you have added the phone numbers because if you have not added the phone numbers then this method will not work. But during 2-step authentication, Google asks for the phone number only then the authentication is successful.

Before Recovery Gmail Account?

This method works on some devices or not because of some location and you have to use the same network during Gmail recovery so that some options will not be hidden. And after clearing the cache data should try in any device, most people forget this. You can also use the private window while the recovery account.

How to recover Gmail account using your phone number and password?

Let us see the recover Gmail account step by step.
Here for recovery Gmail account pc is used, you can use any device to recover your device.

Step 1: Open the browser

Open Google Chrome and tap Incognito Mode. If you don’t know how to open incognito mode then there will be only one way on your device just tap on three dots and here you will see an incognito mode new window. You can also open a private window in any browser.

Step 2: Recovery Gmail Account

To recover your Gmail account, we will recover it with the help of Google support doc, for this type ‘recovery Gmail account’ on the URL bar.

Step 3: Google Support

Here you get a link to Google Support Web. Here you have got all the steps to recover your Gmail account; also you will get new information to help you recover your Gmail account. Here you can see ‘How to Recover Your Google Account or Gmail’. Just click on it.

Step 4: Recover Your Google Account

In this step, you got the link ‘Recover your Google Account or Gmail’.

Just click on this link.

Step 5: Account Recovery

After clicking on the link you will be taken to the account recovery page. Here you can recover your Google Account.

Step 6: Email or Phone

account recovery enter gmail id or phone no

Here you enter your Gmail account. You must remember your Gmail If you do not remember your Gmail id then you can also find your Gmail id using your phone number.

But here we have not forgotten our Gmail account, so we will type our Gmail id and click on next.

If you forgot the password, you can still try using this method. So first we try without password before trying with password. So let us try to recover Gmail account without password.

Step 1: Without Password

forgot password try another way

First, we try to recover the Gmail account without password. So click on Try another way.

Step 2: Phone Number

account recovery enter phone no

Enter your phone number and hit the NEXT button.

Step 3: Do You Have a Phone?

do you have your phone?

Where Google is asking your device. If you have lost your device or reset your device, then click on the ‘Try another way link‘.

Step 4: 8-Digit Backup Code

8-digit backup code

Google is asking for an 8-digit backup code.

If you haven’t saved the backup code, then click on the ‘Try another Way‘ link.

Step 5: Get Verification Code

get verification code

Google is asking you to send a verification code via text message to your device. You get a verification code by SMS. If you have a phone number, click ‘Send‘.

Step 6: Enter the verification code

enter 6-digit verification code

Check the text message and enter the 6-digit verification code for further processing. Hit Next after entering the verification code.

Step 7: Try another way to sign in

Google wants to make sure it's really you

Here another option is also given to recover Gmail account but here we have used only phone number and password to recover Gmail account. If other options of this type are showing in your Gmail account, then try each option in a different way. Here just click Try another way to sign in.

Step 8: Google needs more information to verify that it’s you.

google needs more info to verify it's you

Here Google is confused to believing that this account is yours. Asks you for more information for security reasons.

It’s also recommended to try again here and ask yourself some questions like ‘use a device where you’ve signed in before. Choose a familiar Wi-Fi network, such as home or work.

Now we repeat the above step again.

We click on the Try again button.

In this process, we will be using the password.

Use password

Now let’s try to recover Gmail account using Gmail password.

Recover Gmail account using password and phone no.

So now we try to recover Gmail account using Gmail password.

Repeat steps 1 to 6 above

Step 1: Gmail Password

Enter your Gmail password. After entering the password, press Next.

Step: 2 Phone Numbers

Here your phone number is being asked for confirmation. So enter your phone number and press Next.

Step 3: Do You Have Your Own Phone?

Click Yes if you have the same device. Here we don’t have the same device, just click Try another way.

Step 4: 8-Digit Code

Just click ‘Try another method‘ if you don’t have the 8-digit backup code.

Step 5: Verification Code

As mentioned earlier, Google will send the verification code to your text message, so click ‘Send‘.

Step 6: Enter the verification code

Check text messages in your registered phone number. Google will send a verification code to your registered phone number.

Enter the 6-digit verification code to confirm your phone number.

Step 7: Try another way to sign in

Click ‘Try another way to sign in‘. As we told you earlier.

Step 8: Google needs more information error.

Here again, the same error is happening as before. But now we will try again in the new incognito mode.

After opening the new incognito mode, follow the previous step and repeat the same step again. and follow the same procedure.

Sometimes too many failed attempts may result in your account getting locked for a few hours. So let’s try it after a few hours. If this has happened to you too, try it after a few hours.

too many failed attempts

After few hours you try the same procedure as we have described step by step earlier. If you don’t know then read steps 1 to 6 and 1 to 8 without password and password.

You know, the phone number option was locked after too many unsuccessful attempts. Now after waiting for very long hours we try to recover Gmail account again.

Still showing the same message ‘Too many failed attempts’ message then try in new browser.

Here we open a new browser and follow the same procedure as seen in the previous step, this only change the browser.

success recover google account

After that, Gmail account gets successfully recovered with only the phone number and password. Showing message ‘Success – You are now signed in‘ or you change password.

If you don’t remember Gmail password you can try with the password or without password.

If you have any queries then you can comment or contact.


Just like we have seen how to recover Google account without 8-digit backup code, recovery email and without the same device. Also tried both ways without using password and using password. Doesn’t work because of 2-Step Verification and try it without password. Once 2-Step Verification is turned on, you have established 2 security layer in your Google Account. So you will need to pass the security layer. So you don’t have an 8-digit backup code or recovery email, so you must remember a password or phone number for authentication.

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