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  • How to download and install android studio
    How to install android studio on window10 Below processed to install android studio. Step 1: Double click on the downloaded .exe file. If you downloaded a .zip file, unpack the zip and copy folder into your program files folder. You can open it android studio >bin folder and launches studio64 .exe or studio .exe for 64 and 32 bit OS.
  • How to Make your first app in android studio
    Step 1: First of all, we open the android studio double-clicking on the icon. Step 2: We’ll select the ’empty activity’ template. After, click on ‘Next’. Step 3: Configure your android project Step 4: Connect your physical device or create a visual device. Step 5: type below code In
  • How to create splash screen in android studio
    creating splash activity in android studio. Step 1: Open the android studio Step 2: Select an empty activity and click on ‘Next’ Step 3: Write project name.
  • How to share app link in android
    You know that most applications give functionality to share their applications and increase the number of app downloads. If your apps like […]
  • How to pick an image from image gallery/camera in Android?
    Android studio pick image from the gallery and camera. We’ll learn about pick images from the gallery and camera in android studio. […]
  • How to make a toast message in android studio
    How to display toast in android Toast shortcut android studio What is toast? Toast is nothing but displaying a short message to […]
  • How to make timepicker with am pm mode ?
    What is TimePicker ? Time picker dialogue is display time, simply we set time in any format like 24 hours or am […]
  • How to make popup DatePicker when clicking on EditText
    Date picker dialog In this android tutorial, we’ll discuss the DatePicker dialog show Date, Month and year We’ll show it on EditText. […]
  • One activity to another new activity in android
    Step 1:Start your project in android studio. Step 2: The default activity in android studio is Step 3:In activity_main.xml we’ll design a simple button. step 4: we used onClick attribute to define method instance calling setOnClickListner() method.
  • click two time back button to exit in android
    A toast message appears when you press the back button once. When you simultaneously press the back button you exit your apps. Also, we will set delay of duration like 2000 milliseconds, 1000 milliseconds.